It is the foundation's aim to do it's bit in order to improve the living conditions of the elderly in need and the children who live on the streets of Kyrgyzstan. The foundation wants to achieve this by working closely together with relevant independent NGOs that work locally.

2018 nr. 6 Training kinderen in CPC vakantiehuisMany children in Kyrgyzstan have to work to earn money for their families. They are therefore unable to go to school and live on the streets for the greatest part of the day. Other children live on the streets day and night because they lost their parents or run away from home as it is more safe to live on the streets than at home.

The Elnura Foundation also worked in other countries for a few, mostly medical, projects and will continue to do so if such projects come its way.

The statutes of the Elnura Foundation put its aim into words: To help where there is humanitarian need, especially in Kyrgyzstan, on the basis of the principles of the Civil Society. These principles are the social atmosphere in which one - amongst other things - fights for the rights of the weak and in which citizens together realize targets that have been set by themselves. The target group consists of independent social organizations that focus on taking care for the young and elderly in need.

If you wish to read the statutes in full, we will happily send you a copy by e-mail or post. You can ask to be sent the complete statutes through our contact form.