The Elnura Foundation was founded on 4 February 2004 by Jan van Bremen. He got to know Kyrgyzstan during his time as a professional soldier at Manas, the air base near Bishkek where Dutch soldiers and aircraft were stationed. The hardships and poverty he saw in Bishkek led him to establish the Elnura Foundation.

2010-09 dordoi-bazar 46 kind kl
In 2010, Aleid van der Spek transferred her activities to help the homeless children of Bishkek to the Elnura Foundation. In 2001 she experienced the difficulties during a visit to a Dutch friend who was doing volunteer work at the NGO Center for the Protection of Children (CPC) in Bishkek. Since then, Aleid has been collecting money for clearly defined projects for these children. At the end of 2009 she was faced with the decision to end her activities or to continue with a formal status and soon she found her way to Jan van Bremen and the Elnura Foundation.

Nurjigit Albina Jasmina Maysalbek Aysezim watching online lessons klThe Elnura Foundation works tirelessly to improve the living conditions of children who often have to work for family income, do not go to school and live on the street. In short: to help children in difficult living situations.





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