Goals and objectives

The objective of the Elnura Foundation is to contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of underprivileged children in difficult living circumstances, with a focus on Kyrgyzstan. We want to achieve this in close cooperation with local organisations that are working on site to reach the same goal. The Elnura Foundation has also worked on some projects in other countries, mostly in the field of medical care. The foundation will continue to do so in case projects come our way.2018 nr. 6 Training kinderen in CPC vakantiehuis

Many children in Kyrgyzstan have to work to provide for their family and cannot go to school. They are out and about on the streets during most of the day. Some of these children are completely homeless because they lost their parents or ran away from home.

The statutes of the Elnura Foundation state their objective as follows: We aim for the relief of humanitarian needs, especially in Kyrgyzstan, based on the principles of Civil Society. These principles represent a social environment in which people stand up for the rights of the weakest, among other things, and in which citizens can jointly accomplish the goals they themselves have set. The target group consists of independent social organisations that focus on the care of young people in need, and the elderly.

If you would like to read the statutes in their entirety, we will gladly send you a copy by e-mail or post. You can request the statutes through our contact form. 

More about us

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