The board of the Elnura Foundation aims not only to expand their group of loyal benefactors, but also to use fundraising to launch all kinds of projects, big or small. The board members do not receive remunerations of any kind.

2012 pasfoto Aleid

Aleid van der Spek (chairperson/secretary) has worked closely with the Center for the Protection of Children (CPC) in Bishkek since 2001, and has carried out several projects for street children who are under the care of the CPC. Her activities were incorporated into the Elnura Foundation in January 2010. During her professional career, she worked for a number of companies as an office manager.



2015 Gert Meijer pasfoto

Gert Meijer (treasurer) worked as a controller in the healthcare sector and trained as an accountant. His interest in and involvement with other cultures has led him to commit to the Elnura Foundation, for the support of children in Kyrgyzstan.




Enthusiastic board members wanted

AnoniemUnfortunately, one of the board members has left us. We are therefore looking for an enthusiastic unpaid volunteer, who preferably has some affinity with Central Asia or is willing to delve into it. We mainly raise funds for the local organization Center for the Protection of Children, mostly on a project basis. Any knowledge of/experience with recruiting sponsors and donors is more than welcome. Our contacts are mainly digital. For the single physical meeting, we are looking for a centrally located meeting point. In close consultation with the chairperson/secretary and treasurer, a division of tasks will be made. For more detailed information about our foundation, we also refer to our social media. All questions are welcome. We do our best to answer them as best we can. 


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